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Sausage Tales:  Sense of humour?

So it was time for Sausage’s little sister to have her first injections at 3 months old. When I was called into the surgery at the clinic I obviously had to take Sausage in with me. The baby behaved really well. I had to take her clothes off for her to be weighed and checked over and then the doc gave her the injections with no problem whatsoever.

I then moved over her to re-dress her when all of a sudden I felt a searing pain in my backside and leapt up in the air with a yelp! Sausage then burst into hysterical laughter and I turned to see the doctor with a horrified look on his face and Sausage holding the needle that the doc had just used to inject his sister. Whilst the doctor had been writing (bearing in mind he should REALLY have put this needle straight into the bin before writing anything) Sausage had hatched his apparently hilarious plan and quickly picked up the needle and rammed it right into my jacksy!

Later on it was difficult for me not to laugh, but it really was time for Sausage to start to learn the word consequences! He spent a while in his room alone thinking over the stern talking to he’d had whilst I sat downstairs shaking my head and laughing like a lunatic!

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