Sausage Tales: No smoke without fire?


One day whilst I was at work Sausage was being looked after by my Mum. When I arrived to pick him up he was sat on the chair totally silent… VERY unlike him. When I asked “what’s going on? Why is he so quiet?” My Mum just gave him a look and shook her head. “He been misbehaving?” I asked. “Oh!” she said “come with me and I will show you how he’s been behaving” I followed her out into the kitchen and she took the lid off the bin. Inside was what looked like the remnants of about 500 cigarettes. “What’s all that?” I asked and heard Sausage shout from the living room “I was only trying to help”. Then it dawned on me these were un-smoked cigarettes. He had found the stash she had saved from cartons people had brought her back from their holidays abroad and had 3 200 packs of cigarettes. Knowing how bad for you these things are Sausage proceeded to smash every last one to little pieces and put them in the bin in the time it took my Mum to go to the loo! I must admit I had to try very hard not to laugh but thought I best not inflame Mum’s fury any further. I assured her I would replace them and took Sausage home to yet another explanation. “Yes, they are bad for you but Nanna knows that and it’s up to her whether she smokes or not. You must never do that again.” I told him.” But Mum, if Nanna is too silly to not smoke I have to stop her somehow coz I don’t want her to die.” Sometimes I think kids actually have it right!

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