Sausage Tales: Spend a Penny!


Sausage Tales: Spend a Penny!

One day I had just collected Sausage from school and was stopping off at the butchers shop on my way home. Whilst standing in the queue Sausage blurted out “Mum, I need a wee”. I bent down and whispered to him “Just hold on, we will be home in 5 minutes”. “But I need a wee now” he insisted. Again I bent down in an effort to quieten him down, “Listen, you can hold on for two minutes, I am nearly at the front of the queue”. He seemed to accept this and knowing full well he was capable of holding on for just another minute or two I turned to look at the cuts of meat. After just a few seconds I heard gasps around me and swung around quickly. The sight that confronted me made my mouth fall open and my eyes pop wide. There, just outside the butchers shop, facing right up against the large plate glass window was Sausage relieving himself against the glass!. I ran out of the shop horrified and grabbed him, fixing his trousers quickly and dragging him away with a face resembling a cherry tomato. All he said was, “But I told you I wanted a wee”! Exasperated I hurried him home and prepared for another long winded explanation of why that behaviour  simply isn’t ok!

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