Sausage Tales: Talking Well!

So, I had just collected Sausage from pre-school nursery class and stopped off at the Chemist’s shop on the way home. He was pottering about in the shop chattering away to himself when a rather large lady asked him his name. He answered with his full title including middle name and added that he had just been to school. Looking impressed the lady asked how old he was. “I am two years old” he answered. Looking even more impressed the lady said “You speak very well for such a little chap don’t you?” Sausage replied……….”Yes I do” then quickly added “why are you so fat?”!!!!!

I nearly died on the spot! Rushing over profusely apologising and admonishing Sausage at the same time I watched as her smile dissolved and she turned on her heels and marched off.

Sausage wanted to know what he had done wrong, confusedly telling me that I had told him it is wrong to lie and that he was only telling the truth and the lady was indeed very fat! Herein began a long journey to teach Sausage the relationship between honesty and tact!

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